Review Jadrolinija ferry from Italy to Croatia

We have been enjoying the stunning town of Split for a few days now. The trip down here was long but fun. The kids and I started out in the Hague where we took a train to München (with changes in Utrecht and Frankfurt). We had about two hours in München to grab something to eat before catching the night train to Verona. It would have been more logical to catch the night train to Bologna but it was full. Arrival in Verona around 6:30 where we took a train to Ancona (change in Bologna). We stayed the night in Ancona and took the Jadrolinija ferry to Split the next evening. The kids were happy as they got to sleep on a train and on a boat.

jadrolinija ancona

SNAV and Jadrolinija

SNAV and Jadrolinija sail from different towns in Italy to various towns in Croatia. The main crossing is from Ancona to Split but there are also crossings between Dubrovnik and Bari and between Ancona and Zadar at the moment. We experienced the Ancona Split crossing quite a few times over the last years. There are two companies that make the crossing: the Croatian Jadrolinija and the Italian SNAV. There was also BlueLine which I really liked but unfortunatly it does not operate anymore.

SNAV operates daily from March until November. They have crossings during the day and during the night. You can check the schedule here.

In winter time, Jadrolinija sails twice a week between Ancona and Split. All crossings off season are done at nighttime, in summer there are also a few day crossings, not many though. Jadrolinija does not sail daily, not even in high season. They operate 4 times a week in July and August. Check here for the Jadrolinija schedule.

on the ferry

get your tickets at the ticket office

Our ferry, the Marko Polo, was supposed to leave Ancona at 19h45 but it was delayed. We left an hour later but arrived at the ‘normal’ time, at 7h00. We could enter the ship 2 hours prior to the sailing out and no later than half an hour before. Take care though (we saw some people waiting in the queue made the mistake), you have to exchange your reservation documents for the actual tickets at the ticket office. It’s a complicated 15 to 20 minute walk so it’s much better to take the shuttle bus.

No worries if you’re driving. The ferries and the ticket office are well signposted from the moment you arrive into Ancona.

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