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Srsck.com is an online magazine about art, hotels, movies and more. A source of inspiration for free spirits, unsung heroes, luxury nomads and culture lovers.

The beauty seeker

There are two of those. Two beauty seekers. One is in her early forties, the other is a teen. Mother and daughter. They both enjoy watching and sharing beauty and they find it in very different things.

The mum loves sculptures, paintings, poems, photography and fashion. The daughter finds beauty in art, in music, in the simple everyday things and in pizza of course.

The mystery guest

The mystery guest has a passion for hotels. He worked in hotels for quite a long time. One day he will own one. For now he sleeps in them, as often as possible.

His parents moved him around quite a bit when he was young. If he could chose he would just go on moving and travel around the world learning and observing and seeing. Because you know, lots of people look but not all of them really see. The mystery guest sees.

The film critic

The film critic is an awful woman really. She is able to analyze, interpret and evaluate any movie. She watches movies not only with her heart but also with her mind. She loves watching all kind of movies eventhough her heart lies somewhere in the 80s. She’s definitely got a good eye for detail and she’s very talented when it comes to casting.

She is not very friendly though and she does not mince matters. You probably will not like her but then again she won’t like you either.


The Beauty Seeker + work by Zhang Dali

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  1. Love the concept.

  2. I love Mimosas too 🙂

    Cheers to you!
    Courtney Hosny

  3. Hallo Cindy,
    Gelukmakers heeft een bijzonder assortiment waar we zeker gelukkig van worden!

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