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Art tip: Romina Ressia at HOFA Gallery

Romina Ressia

Contemporary conceptual photographer, Romina Ressia (Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1981), will have her first solo exhibition in the UK at HOFA Gallery in London, from the 5th until the 19th of June. This expo will include the ‘Age of Decadence’ series.

romina ressia expo

The compositional and stylistic aesthetic of Romina Ressia’s works show the combined influence of her training in fashion photography, fine art and art direction. Her inspiration comes mainly from Classic Paintings. Masterful use of luxurious textures and impeccably structured scenes, captured with artful focus on the women who pose for her, have attracted top fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair to both feature and commission her works.

Her art, which often subverts received notions of feminine beauty, celebrates beauty devoid of the artifice, and for this reason, is also considered a refreshing approach to fashion photography. Beyond aesthetics and style, Romina Ressia’s art is relevant and conversational.

They are essentially artistic social commentaries whose thematic and compositional depth make for an entertaining visual experience. The renaissance-inspired palettes and textures which loom large in her works are often strikingly interrupted by objects of modernity, forcing through constructed dissonance, a re-examination of the extent to which the role and perceptions of women have really evolved in present times.

All works copyright: Romina Ressia

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