French Film Festival Tapis Rouge in the Netherlands

The first edition of the new French film festival Tapis Rouge will take place from October 30 to November 3 in Amsterdam and the Hague. The festival consists of an interesting selection of some of the most recent French movies.

Tapis Rouge is an initiative of L’Échappée Belle and is being organized with the Alliance Française d’Amsterdam, in collaboration with film distributor Cinéart. The elegant Pathé Tuschinski is the backdrop for the opening night film screening (and cocktails!). The other movies will be shown in Het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam and in Filmhuis in The Hague. I, for one, am really excited about this new festival as I love French movies!

Hors Normes: opening night Screening

The festival opens with the film Hors Normes (The Specials) from screenwriter and director duo Olivier Nakach and Éric Toledano (Samba, Intouchables). The film closed this year’s Cannes film festival and will be released in the Netherlands on December 12.

Bruno (Vincent Cassel) runs a shelter for autistic children, teenagers and young adults. His friend Malik (Reda Kateb) trains young people from rough neighborhoods to accompany youngsters with autism. The two friends, one Jew and the other Muslim, work together on a regular basis.

Hors Normes is based on the true story of Stéphane Benhamou and Daoud Tatou, whom the directors met in the 90s. Nakach and Toledano made a short documentary about the two men about four years ago. It was called ‘We should make a film about it…’. And so they did.

Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano and actor Reda Kateb will be present at the screening. Hors Normes will also be screening on the 3rd of November in cinemas throughout the Netherlands (Pathé in Maastricht, Utrecht, Breda, Rotterdam, Eindhoven).

Several previews

In addition to Hors Normes (The Specials), there are several previews showing during Tapis Rouge. We will name a few but check the whole program through this link:

Fahim by Pierre-François Martin-Laval with Gérard Depardieu is based on the true story of Fahim Mohammad, a young talented chess player from Bangladesh, who arrived as a refugee in France with his dad in 2008.

french movies

The animated film La Fameuse Invasion des Ours en Sicile (The famous bear invasion of Sicily) will be part of the children’s program. To rescue his son Tonio who was kidnapped by hunters in the Sicilian mountains, the King of Bears, decides to invade the land of men with the help of his army and a magician. Beautiful visuals, lovely music, very poetic.

Roubaix, une Lumière (Oh Mercy!) is a crime drama film by Arnaud Desplechin with Roschdy Zem, Léa Seydoux and Sara Forestier, among others. Police chief Daoud and the young and inexperienced police officer Louis are confronted with the murder of an old woman. Her two young neighbors are arrested.

french films

The closing film of the festival will be Le Dindon, a comedy by Jalil Lespert with Dany Boon and Guillaume Gallienne. Monsieur de Pontagnac falls head over heel for a young woman on the street. He then finds out that she is the wife of his friend Vatelin. He will try to win her heart but it will not be easy. Fun movie with great 60s vibes.

Exclusively during Tapis Rouge

Four films from the program are shown exclusively during the film festival: Le Brio (Yvan Attal) with Daniel Auteuil, Chacun pour tous (Vianney Lebasque), Mon Bébé (Lisa Azuelos) with Sandrine Kiberlain and L’ incroyable histoire du facteur Chavel (Nils Tavernier) with Jacques Gamblin and Laëtitia Casta.

Le Brio sounds interesting but then again, I am biased as I usually like Attal’s work. Neïla, a girl of Algerian descent who lives in a ‘cité’ in Créteil wants to become a lawyer and enrols at the Assas University in Paris. Her controversial professor makes a racist remark when she arrives late on her first day. Some of the students complain about him and professor Pierre Mazard gets in trouble with the president of the university. To make things right, he starts training Neïla for a very prestigious contest.

le brio film festival

French masterpieces

La belle epoque (Nicolas Bedos) with Daniel Auteuil end Guillaume Canet, Le Daim (Quentin Dupieux) and Les plus belles années d’une vie (Claude Lelouch) will be released later in the Netherlands. La Belle Epoque will also be showing on the 2nd of November in cinemas throughout the Netherlands (check Pathé Maastricht, Utrecht, Breda, Rotterdam, Eindhoven).

The selection of the French film festival also consists of a number of recent French masterpieces that can be seen once again on the big screen by the public. During closing night Antoine Dulery will be presenting his new show « Encore un tour de manivelle » before the screening of the last movie, Le Dindon. So yes, it really is a very diverse first edition. Hopefully there will be many more!

Do you like French movies? Which one is your favorite?

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