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Cadaques (c) Enrique Gonzalez via

Charming Cadaqués lies in the bay of the Cap de Creus peninsula, one of the most gorgeous places in Europe. I had been there as a child and never forgot the gorgeous town with the white houses, the sea and the beautiful church of St. Mary. I had not forgotten the road from the highway to Cadaqués neither. I remembered it as narrow, winding, dangerous and scary. We came by car from the Perpignan region in France by the scenic coastal road and the road was seriously not as bad a I remembered at all!!

The blue house in Cadaques (c) dvdbramhall via

Cadaqués is known for the many artists that stayed there amongst who Dali, who lived in the adjacent village Port Lligat. Check the Museo de Cadaqués out as it has interesting temporary exhibitions about Dali of course but also about and/or by other artists associated with the village like Picasso.

You can walk to the Salvador Dali House in Port Lligat from Cadaqués, it’s close by (about 20 to 25 minutes from the centre of town). It’s worth it, don’t miss it! I’m a big fan of Dali but even if you’re not: the deco is fun and weird and it’s so special to look out of the window of his painting studio and seeing the view that inspired him.

Salvador Dali House (c) Srsck

Take care though: if you want to visit the house you’ll have to reserve your tickets through their websiteor by phone in advance and be there in time. The visit to the house is undertaken in small groups up to eight people, with entry of each group  every ten minutes. You must then be there 30 minutes before your tour otherwise you lose your reservation.  If you’re late you’re f***ed as all the spots are mostly already reserved for several days at least. I know, I was late and I could beg for an hour they wouldn’t let me in. Your only option in that case is wait by the door for someone else not to show up, they will then give you their spot.

Cadaques (c) Laia Bonastre via
Cadaques (c) Laia Bonastre via

We stayed in one of the apartments of the Carpe Diem Club during our holiday. The apartments are very clean and efficient. The one we had, as well as the one of our friends, looked very new as if it had been renovated not long ago. The small kitchen was well equipped. 

The apartments had balconies with sea view including view on the pool of the residence and view on the football stadium outside of the residence. The balconies were nice with a table and chairs. They are large too, we could easily have dinner with our friends, a group of 8.

We did not have any problems with noise from the stadium. We actually found the street and the area to be very calm. The residence is not far from the centre, about five minutes walk down to the centre (and 15 minutes to Port Lligat). Coming back from the centre is uphill, it will take about ten minutes and can be quite tiresome, especially with the shopping from the supermarket! It is a very good option though as one can do everything by foot which is agreable in high season when you can’t park anywhere and the streets are very busy.

View on pool and tennis (c) Srsck, bedroom (c) Carpe Diem Club, view on sea and football (c) Srsck, kitchen (c) Carpe Diem Club

The pool is clean and nice. There is also a small fitness room and a tennis court. The staff is nice. They are a brother and sister working there and they are very friendly and give great tips about the area and the town itself. As it’s not a hotel but self catering units there is not really any service, only check in and out. In summer though it seems there is a café where you can have a bite and a breakfast buffet but we were there out of season.

Overall I would recommend as the location and cleanliness are great. The prices are relatively ok for Cadaqués. As you are able to cook yourself it also is financially more interesting than a hotel if you’re staying longer than one or two nights.

Cap Creus nature reserve (c) Srsck

The good things of Cadaqués: the Cap de Creus nature reserve, the sea, the picturesque cobbled streets, the art, the summer festival (sept.) and watching a football match in the bar “Casino”.

The bad things of Cadaqués: I truly have no idea…I love this place!

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