The magic of clothes lines in Split

Washing day
White washing day in Split, Croatia (c) Srsck

I love clothes lines. I love the look of them and the story behind them. Looking at a washing line is kind of a form of a voyeurism though. It tells you so much about ones private life. Looking at it you can tell how many people live in a house, their ages, their tastes, their hobbies and so on. “Hi honey, the lady on the first floor went to the beach today. She changed twice. She had her yellow bikini, the small one and later she changed to the red one with the ugly print.”

Clothes line
Clothes line in Split, Croatia (c) Srsck

Looking at someone’s clothes line is like looking in their caddy in the supermarket or at the books in ones library (yes I know but I ignore ebooks. I do). So show me your caddy, your library and your washing line and I can tell you who you are.


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