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10 great illustration Instagram accounts

I love illustrations. Art, any kind, makes me happy. We don’t have an inch of space left on our walls and I still couldn’t hang all of our artworks up! The thing I really love about Instagram, is that one can discover new artists so easily. I follow loads of Instagram accounts of painters, sculptors, illustrators, photographers, designers etc… I’ll share some of my favorite illustration accounts with you today. A beautiful illustration a day keeps the doctor away as you know! 

Júlia Sardà Portabella

Illustrators on Instagram

This lady from Barcelona illustrates children’s books. I love the folklore feel to it. Her account is not updated very often but absolutely worth following.

Pawel Kuczynski

illustrators on instagram

Kuczynski draws thought-provoking illustrations about social, economic and political issues.

Laura Callaghan

Instagram accounts

The illustrations of this Irish artist are so colorful and there are many details so you can look at every work for hours and still discover new details. This woman must be really patient!

Sybille Art

illustrators on Instagram

The illustrations of Belgian painter Sybile are so poetic and dreamy. Lots of flowers and details, so cute.

Guillermo Meraz

Illustraties op Instagram

The Mexican Guillermo Mera is a fashion designer and illustrator. He gets his inspiration from movies mostly but also from famous fashion models and singers.


illustraties mode

The American artist Katie Rodgers is based in New York en has worked for renowned fashion labels and magazines like Christian Louboutin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Elle en Harper’s Bazaar. Her work is very elegant, isn’t it?


(c) Becky Kemp/Sketchinc

Becky Kemp’s account is my happy place. She is an illustrator but she also makes custom Kokeshi Dolls. From Marvel to Wes Anderson, from fairytales to painters and music legends – she’s got dolls of about everyone and anyone!

Adolie Day

lily rose depp

This French illustrator combines her illustrations with fruit, flowers and vegetables. Fun and original.

Anne-Julie Aubry


I have been following this artist for years now and she still knows how to amaze me. She’s French and very fairy tale oriented.

Sabine Wisman

Sabine Wisman

Sabine Wisman is a Dutch writer and artist. Her illustrations are different, mixing illustration with words and pictures.


Illustrators on Instagram

ThisFrench fashion illustrator works mostly for fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour en Marie-Claire. Her account is neat and fresh, feels like summer on there.

Nuria Diaz

Wes geïnspireerd

Nuria is a left-handed illustrator who clearly loves Wes Anderson. Which kind of automatically means I love her 😉

Benjamin Lacombe

From Madame Butterfly (c) Benjamin Lacombe

My all time favorite illustrator is called Benjamin Lacombe. He illustrates children’s books and every illustration is a true work of art. His Insta account is not great though, better go straight to his website.

So tell me, do you follow illustrators on Instagram? Let me know in the comments if you know any cool illustrator Instagram accounts. Let’s share the art!

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