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Art Crush ♥ Maria Cristina Haize

naïeve kunst

It must be said: ever since childhood I’m a sucker for naïve art. Brasilian born Maria Cristina Haize is a self taught painter whom I appreciate a lot. Her oil paintings, painted windows and icons make me smile. They are colorful and filled with happiness and cuteness and more good -esses.

Haize lives in France and has a nice collection of her latest work exposed in the small but very tasteful Galerie Jacqueline Bricard in Lourmarin in the South of France.

Le Bain au Paradis (c) Maria Cristina Haize
Le Bain au Paradis
Mont Saint Michel (c) Maria Cristina Haize
Mont Saint Michel
Vierge de la Paix (c) Maria Cristina Haize
Vierge de la Paix
Sirene aux Mille Fleurs (c) Maria Cristina Haize
Sirene aux Mille Fleurs

You can see more wonderful work by the artist on her website. ♥

All works (c) Maria Cristina Haize

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