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Art Crush ♥ Florentijn Hofman

Florentijn Hofman

You couldn’t easily miss a 26 meter high rubber duck, could you? The inflatable giant rubber ducks stood in various sizes, from 5 meter to 26 meter high, in many different big cities around the world. Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is obviously having fun within his art field and we’re enjoying the ride!

It seems for him everything must be big, bigger, biggest. We’ve seen 15 metre long monkeys, enormous rabbits, giant musk rats and a really large red dog. They’re all here!

13 meter high (not inflatable) rabbit  (c) Florentijn Hofman
13 meter high (not inflatable) rabbit

Florentijn Hofman finds most, but not all, of his inspiration within everyday objects and animals.

Inflatable Fat monkey covered with flip flops (c) Florentijn Hofman
Inflatable Fat monkey covered with 10 000 flip flops

Florentijn Hofman plays with materials and surprises with his work. His creativity is as large as his sculptures. Every piece of art has a meaning.

Giant stranded wooden pianos (c) Florentijn Hofman
Giant stranded wooden pianos

Check his own page to see more of his work or to read more as of the thoughts behind his art.

All artworks (c) Florentijn Hofman

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