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Hotel review: Grand Hotel Palace Ancona

Review of Grand Hotel Palace Ancona in Ancona, Marche, Italy

Room: 309 + 310

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We stopped in Ancona for the night on our way from the Netherlands to Croatia. We took a nighttrain to Verona and took the train to Ancona from there. We were planning on staying in Verona but changed our mind last minute so I sent an email to three hotels just one hour before arrival. Two of the hotels replied within half an hour, the third one NH Ancona answered two days later.

Anyhow the SeePort Hotel and the NH Ancona did not have any connecting rooms or family rooms available. Grand Hotel Palace Ancona had a ‘family room’ available. It’s a shared entrance with two different rooms with double bed and bathroom. One of the rooms had a wonderful view on the sea and the ferries. This was the best price too as we had to pay for two rooms at the SeePort but they charge one room at the Grand Hotel Palace Ancona as it’s considered a family room.


Sweet service

So we arrived, me and three kids, all sweaty and tired at the Grand Hotel Palace Ancona around 11:00 am. The room was not ready but they arranged for us to be able to check in very quickly. We just waited about ten minutes in the lobby which was really great. The receptionists were so welcoming and sweet during check in and during the rest of the stay.

When we left they gave us bottles of water and they explained kindly and patiently where to check in for the ferry. (Good to know: if you are traveling by ferry you will have to get your tickets at another location then the boarding location. There is a shuttle bus, it’s number 20. It’s not far but it’s complicated to reach by foot)

view on our ferry

ancona marche

Great location

The hotel is located about a 20 minute walk from the trainstation and less then five minutes from the port so it’s very convenient if you are traveling by ferry. One can easily walk to the centre of town, about five minutes.

Ancona is a very nice lively town actually eventhough you wouldn’t think so judging from the seafront. Have a stroll through the old town, there are cute streets and fountains, authentic piazza’s and palazzi, churches and a beautiful cathedral (Cattedrale di San Ciriaco) with nice views. There are lots of hills in Ancona though so prepare to climb quite a bit or try to catch a bus.


hotel ancona

Comfortable rooms, great breakfast

The hotel has been renovated in 2017. It’s extremely clean and nicely decorated, welcoming and cosy. The rooms are simple but nice. We slept very well. Try to get a room with seaview. There was no bath but good sized showers. All the usual amenities work fine. the Wifi had good signal in the room.

There is a small room service menu but I wouldn’t use that as they charge 10 euro extra for the service and there are places enough in the neighborhood. Or you can eat downstairs, there is a nice wine bar. The drinks in the minibar are complimentary and you can make coffee and tea in the room.

wine bar

Breakfast was excellent with fresh fruit, croissants, cakes and lots of different cheeses and cold cuts. You could order extra’s as well but we didn’t.

hotel breakfast breakfast ancona

All together I would recommend. Grand Hotel Palace Ancona is a great stop as it’s very nice and so close to the ferry. Furthermore the hotel is well maintained, the food is good and the staff is friendly.


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8 reacties

  1. Mooi en heel chique. Zo oogt het in ieder geval. Ook erg convenient qua bereikbaarheid lees ik. En wow, de drankjes in de minibar zijn complimentary? Dat hoor je ook niet vaak. En het berekenen van de prijs (twee kamers als family room) vind ik ook geweldig. Goede keuze!

  2. Wat een heerlijk hotel, het klinkt echt als een fijne plek. En het interieur is chique en modern, helemaal mijn smaak!

  3. Wat mooi is het daar! En leuk dat je ontbijt foto’s deelt, dat vind ik wel altijd een belangrijk onderdeel van een hotel, hoe het eten is, vooral s ochtends

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