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Spanish Film Festival in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival (ASFF) celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. The movie festival presents a selection of Spanish cinema and Spanish-language films from Latin-America. ASFF offers visitors an overview of the latest movies in Spanish cinema but also considers independent and experimental Spanish and Spanish-language films.

This year the festival will take place in Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé de Munt, EYE and Cinecenter. There will be Q&A’s, workshops, fiestas and live music. After most of the films one will able to enjoy Spanish drinks and tapas.

spanish film festival
Quién te cantará

Movies, a tv-serie and a documentary

The ASFF opens on May 28th with Quién te cantará by Carlos Vermut. A successful Spanish singer disappears mysteriously one day and wants to return on stage 10 years later. The political thriller El Reino (The Realm) by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, about a politician that winds up in a corruption scandal, will close off the festival on the 2nd of June.

During the festival, the successful hit TV-series Arde Madrid will be screened. In a double bill, you will be able to watch the entire first season of the series with Spanish drinks and tapas during the breaks. Actresses Inma Cuesta and Ana Castilla and actor Moreno Borja will be present for a Q&A after the screening. Afterwards you can dance in De Bajes at the Arde Amsterdam Party (free entry + Spanish DJs)!

Arde Madrid

The music documentary Ara Malikian: Una Vida Entre Las Cuerdas (Ara Malikian: A Life Among Strings) tells the story of Ara Malikian, a talented and versatile violinist of Lebanese origin and Armenian roots. He combines classical music with rock, flamenco and various other genres. The film shows his career as well as his private life. Afterwards the audience can enjoy a live performance.

During the ASFF, the Dutch premiere of Elisa y Marcela will take place. The film tells the true story of a Spanish lesbian couple in 1901 that seduced a priest into marrying them. Director Isabel Coixet created a special photo exhibition that you can visit until June 13th in the public library of Amsterdam

A summary of the highlights

  • Opening film Quién te cantará | Tuesday May 28th 20:00h | Pathé Tuschinski
  • Double bill Arde Madrid | Saturday June 1st 18:00h| Pathé Tuschinski
  • Todos los Saben | Friday May 31st 21:30h | Pathé Tuschinski
  • Ara Malikian: Una Vida Entre Las Cuerdas | Thursday May 30th 21:15h | Pathé Tuschinski
  • Elisa & Marcela | Wednesday May 29th 21:15h | Pathé Tuschinski
  • La leyenda del tiempo | Friday May 31st 12:00h | EYE
  • Entre dos aguas | Saturday June 1st 16:00h | EYE
  • Closing film El Reino | Sunday June 2nd 20:30h | Pathé Tuschinski
Todos Lo Saben

The Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival will continue its journey to cinema LantarenVenster in Rotterdam where Spanish cinema will dominate from June 4th to June 9th. Check the site for all the program details, the special guests, the Q&A’s etc.

Do you watch Spanish cinema and Spanish-language films from Latin-America?

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