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The Insta-worthiness of Travel

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So tell me, did you ever book a hotel just because you thought it would be an instagrammable location? Did you maybe even choose a holiday destination over another one because it was more Insta-worthy? reveal a new study on the Insta-worthiness of Travel and wow, those results don’t lie!

The world versus UK

There is an important difference between the British travelers and the ones from other nationalities. Only 14% of British travellers take into account their holiday’s ‘insta-worthiness’. The Italians (58%), Spanish(55%), Americans (52%), Portuguese (49%) and the French (42%) seem much more concerned with the social media impact of the destinations they choose.

iamgeorgiana in Cappadocia

Some locations do very well with influencers and travelers from all over the world. The Giraffe Manor Hotel Nairobi for instance or the balloon filled skies of Cappadocia.

The study reveals that when it comes to sharing holiday photos on social media, UK travellers prefer to post unaltered photos that capture the real beauty of the holiday. Only 1 in 5 retouch their pictures. This love for the true charm of travel is quite unique to Brits, as the rest of the countries show a much higher percentage of filter-addicts. Especially those in the US, (51%), France (49%) and Spain (43%).

40% of Brits think that people who share posts on social media during their holiday are show-offs. 22% believe they are not even having a good time!

travel influencers
Gypsea_Lust and Jack Morris at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Influencers as an inspiration

When it comes down to the role of social media influencers as a source of inspiration for travel, the research shows that UK travellers are not especially influenced by them. Only 5% admit to having booked a holiday to a destination that appeared on someone else’s Instagram page, despite the top UK travel influencers amassing over 5.8M followers!!

However, that doesn’t stop the Italians and the Americans, with twice as many (1 in 10) looking at social media influencers for inspo.

instagram influencer
Paris is always a good idea – Nicole Bernardes aka Madame Kool
Oh la la, Aggie Lal aka Travel_inhershoes also loves Paris

I must say, I would have been curious to see the Dutch taken into account in this research. Many people I know here choose their travel destination based on the travel pictures of certain influencers on Instagram.

One Poll conducted the research for one of the world’s leading online travel agencies 8,000 people who have travelled by plane were polled in Germany, France, Spain, UK, Portugal, Italy and US.

What do you think of this study? Did you realize Insta-worthy travel was even a thing? Do you choose your holiday destination based on Insta-worthiness?

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