Underwater sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor

underwater sculpture

Sometimes I bump into something that I find so beautiful that it shuts me up for a few minutes. That’s what happened with the underwater art by Jason deCaires Taylor. It shuts me up for some very long minutes, I was so impressed. What an incredibly talented artist…Wow!!

underwater sculpture

So much emotion

Jason deCaires Taylor studied at the London Institute of Arts (BA honours in sculpture). He is also a diving instructor and an underwater photographer. Taylor combined those three and out of that mixture came the impressive and sometimes creepy, sometimes funny, sometimes dreamy underwater sculptures. There is so much emotion in his work!

onderwater kunst
Project Inheritance, Mexico, depth 4 m (c) Jason deCaires Taylor

Nature and Men

It’s as if men and nature work together. I absolutely absolutely am in love with his work!! You can see much more of his work on his own website or you can follow him on Instagram.

Project the Un-still life, West Indies, depth 8 m (c) Jason deCaires Taylor

The Rubicon installation made the most impression on me. I would love to see it in person some day. It features 35 people walking towards a wall. As they are looking at their phones or looking in another way, they don’t realise the wall is there. They are heading to a point of no return.

The impact of humans on nature and the inability to do something about it is a recurrent theme in Taylor’s art. People seem unaware of the consequences of their acts on nature and on the world.

Underwater Museum

Taylor’s work can be seen in different places in the world. There is an installation in Oslo, one in the Maldives, one in Indonesia, one in Mexico etc…His largest art installations are located at the Museo Atlántico.

Project silent evolution, Mexico, depth 8 m (c) Jason deCaires Taylor

Museo Atlántico in the Lanzarote UNESCO world biosphere reserve is the first underwater art museum in Europe. It is accessible to divers and snorkelers. The Museum was officially inaugurated in January 2017. The idea is that over time, the pH neutral concrete structures transform into living sculptures, kind of an underwater botanical garden.

‘The formations are all configured so that they aggregate fish on a large scale and the casts become anchors for new coral growth, attracting local fish species and creating new eco-systems.’ Isn’t that wonderful? I absolutely love the concept!

Project Vicissitudes, West Indies, depth 5 m (c) Jason deCaires Taylor

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